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Free Cyber-Attack Recovery Workshop

Dell’s Cyber Recovery Vault is a proven tool for quick recovery from Ransomware and destructive Cyber-Attacks. Learn how to safeguard your business with the Dell x Vysiion Cyber-Attack Recovery 1-to-1 Workshop.

During the workshop, together we will:

  • Explore your current recovery capabilities
  • Recommend enhancements to your recovery process
  • Discuss the benefits of Cyber Recovery Vault

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Did you realise?

There is a cyber-attack happening every 11 seconds

The average cost of a cyber-attack to a utility organisation is $18m


Of IT decision-makers are not confident of critical data recovery

It’s no longer a question of ‘if’, it’s ‘when’

Utilities and renewable marketplaces are dependent on the constant flow of data across interconnected networks to operate and provide essential services to the country seamlessly.

Although digital transformation efforts increase efficiency for companies’ day-to-day operations, it allows bad actors more opportunities to attack and obtain sensitive and critical data that must be protected, kept confidential and made available instantly.

Cyber-attacks continually expose businesses and governments to the threat of compromised data, lost revenue, increased expenses and reputational damage. Not only this but costly regulatory fines can be imposed on companies that have breached secured data.

Whilst a cyber recovery strategy is mandated for businesses and government leaders, many organisations lack confidence in their data protection solutions. The Global Data Protection Index has reported 67% of IT decision-makers being unconfident that all critical data could be recovered in the event of a destructive cyber-attack.

The solution is simple: an isolated offline air-gapped Cyber Recovery Vault that contains immutable data copies from the primary network. Paired with CyberSense scanning to identify corrupted data and threats, the copies stored within the vault act as secure insurance for recovering your business quickly following an attack.

Increase Cyber Recovery Efficiency


An air-gapped solution, the vault is isolated from the primary network and is highly secured with minimal users cleared for access.


Periodic copies of data flow from the primary network to the vault creating immutable copies of data protected from external and internal attacks.


Using CyberSense, corrupted data can quickly be identified before passing to the vault. The vault retains accurate and immutable data for recovery.


Stored within a Tier III compliant Data Centre with 24/7 proactive support 365 days for secure data storage and quick recovery from an attack.

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Book your free dedicated workshop with industry-leading Cyber experts from Dell and Vysiion. Covering the Cyber Vault, you are given the opportunity to examine their current recovery capabilities and how to improve their processes against a damaging cyber attack for quick recovery. Enhance your Cyber Recovery strategy; book your workshop today!