The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority implements Vysiion’s IT managed service solution

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (‘IPSA’) has implemented a managed service solution selecting to partner with Vysiion, a Digital Marketplace supplier. This managed service includes cover for desktop and core infrastructure management, hosting, business continuity, disaster recovery and Vysiion’s ITIL-based Service Desk.

The IPSA is the independent body created by Parliament to oversee and regulate MPs’ business costs and expenses. Created in 2009, IPSA sets MPs’ pay, regulates their business costs and expenses, and administers all payments to MPs and their staff for parliamentary work.

Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

The IPSA is a small organisation of around 65 employees but with a significant responsibility for public money and the way it is spent. It manages a budget of around £180m and is responsible for ensuring transparency and fairness in the way MPs are remunerated and reimbursed for their business costs and expenses.

The organisation’s ICT vision is focused upon developing an infrastructure that provides a modern and reliable ICT service to all of its stakeholders, alongside making use of technology to support a programme of service transformation.

Overall the core objective is to ensure that the IPSA makes the best use of ICT to increase the accessibility of services to stakeholders thereby increasing productivity and overall effectiveness.

Vysiion Solution

The Vysiion solution mirrored these requirements and developed an approach that focused upon providing a Desktop Managed Service via a remote Service Desk solution but complemented by specialist on-site engineering resource. This includes device management, core infrastructure, networks and hosting services.

Since implementation, Vysiion provided services to support IPSA as they worked with all 650 MPs in Parliament following the June 2017 General Election.

Over the last six months Vysiion has been working closely with IPSA to review the infrastructure environment and will be looking to support further projects over the coming year. Current in-flight project additions include the addition of a thin client solution based upon Citrix Xendesktop.

The objective is to maintain and deliver an even better service to IPSA and its users and to increase efficiency in the management and administration of MPs’ salaries and business costs.

Chief Executive, Marcial Boo, said:

“A robust IT infrastructure is very important for IPSA as it impacts directly on our ability to support MPs and their staff. I expect Vysiion’s support and expertise to help us to provide better support and improved regulation, as we introduce some new and improved online services.

Caroline Andrewes, Sales Manager, Vysiion comments: “Understanding and following IPSA’s vision was a critical part of the brief for Vysiion. The resultant solution follows those principles and we believe will support IPSA’s ability to support stakeholders now and in the future.

“IPSA’s selection of Vysiion comes at an important time for our business. Over the past few years our activity and experience in the public sector space has grown so IPSA’s recognition of Vysiion’s expertise in this area is particularly satisfying.”

For more information on any of Vysiion’s Managed ICT, Cloud or Infrastructure services or if you are interested in hearing more about what we can provide contact Caroline Andrewes on 01249 446500 or send an information email to

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