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Zellabox: Micro Data Centre Solutions

Vysiion has joined forces with Zellabox, a market leader in the Modular Micro Data Centre industry with a worldwide customer base.

Zellabox was established in 2010 for the purpose of offering a robust solution to protecting servers in a variety of environments. The focus has remained on total-solution packages associated with server rooms and specialised environments such as laboratories, clean-rooms, tele-housing facilities and hosting environments.

The Modular Micro data has all the facilities and components of a traditional data centre in a very small foot print. They can be deployed in quiet office environments or rugged mining operations. They minimize capital outlay, reduce your footprint and energy consumption consumed by your traditional bricks and mortar server room. 


The Cubb model is the single cooling option which is configured with one cooling system.


The CubbDuo model is the dual cooling option which is configured with two cooling systems for redundancy.

Cooling Options

There are several cooling options available.

The Cubb and CubbDuo have over 60 variations and configurations available to choose from and are also available in a Basic model.

Take a look at the Zellabox Website for further information.

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