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VMware: A Trusted Partner for virtualisation and cloud products

When it comes to virtualisation and cloud products, VMWare is a true market leader. As a VMWare Enterprise Partner, we have access to their extensive resources, training and support as it evolves.

Fully qualified in efficiency

As a Vysiion customer you benefit from our close work with VMWare and the training and certification we regularly undergo to give you unique access to their cloud-based services and virtualisation infrastructure. We work with VMWare to ensure you are always first to know about new product developments and have a market-leading edge in efficiency.

Helping you meet SLA

VMWare’s unique vSphere product is designed to help you meet any service level agreement. vSphere combines the world’s leading virtualisation platform with VMWare’s award winning management capabilities, providing your technology team with a constant view of the virtual environment. The improved availability, performance and capacity utilisation you get from this allows you to run your business applications confidently to meet those SLAs.

VMware : Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery protection should apply to all of your applications, not just those you have to decide are business critical. VMWare’s vCenter Site Recovery Manager protects across the board. We recommend it for its simple management of fully automated recovery and migration plans, and also non-disruptive testing. It gives us, and you, peace of mind.


VMWare’s Horizon View software for desktop and application management gives end-users a personalised experience across their sessions and devices, with higher availability and agility of desktop services unmatched by traditional PCs. As mobile working evolves and devices become more sophisticated, Horizon View can adapt your remote access to fit, while giving you tight policy control.

Audit planning

The first stage of infrastructure renewal is the audit. We use VMWare’s capacity planner and virtualisation assessments to do a complete sweep of your current requirements. We then work with you to produce a capacity plan and subsequent migration, making sure downtime and disruption are minimal.

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