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Radiflow: Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security Solutions

Vysiion has joined forces with Radiflow, a market leader in the development of critical infrastructure cyber security solutions.

Radiflow offers a comprehensive cyber security solution for distributed and unmanned network stations. The solution consists of a secure gateway for remote access to sites, as well as an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) for monitoring local operations. 

Radiflow: Cyber Security Solution Support

Radiflow’s solution which combines a secure gateway and the IDS enables the detection of sophisticated cyber-attacks aimed at disrupting operational processes or changing the data parameters of networked devices before they are sent to the control centre.

The secure gateway provides the option to remotely connect to the renewable power site over secure VPN tunnels, with different access rights for each stakeholder. All remote sessions are recorded for auditing purposes.

The IDS passively scans the network and creates a baseline model of its normal behaviour. Once the operator approves the normal behaviour model, the IDS is able to detect anomalies in the operational network’s behaviour and alert the operator. Such anomalies may indicate an insider attack that couldn’t have been detected by the secure gateway.

Take a look at the Radiflow Website for further information.

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