South West Heritage Trust

Vysiion, the managed technology solution provider, has secured a contract to deliver an IT managed service for the South West Heritage Trust (‘SWHT’). This service included a period of transformation to provide a completely new, scalable and secure IT core architecture that supports SWHT’s future development aspirations, hosted in the Cabinet Office’s Crown Hosting facility.


Established in 2014 to deliver services previously hosted by Devon and Somerset County Councils the SWHT is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. The organisation employs 85 people, along with numerous volunteers, located across six main administrative regional sites.

The organisation delivers across four important core services, namely Somerset and Devon Archives, Local Studies Teams, Somerset Museums Service, and the Somerset Historic Environment Service.
Combined the Archive services hold over seven million original documents relating to the history of Somerset and Devon with the provision of open access to the archives and digital records for the general public. The operation and curatorial support for the Museum Services alongside the conservation and heritage planning permission support for the Environment Service creates the requirement for secure document and data management resource.

Vysiion’s approach involved understanding the need to migrate from the SWHT’s existing IT service providers, Somerset and Devon County Councils, into a number of specialist environments where there was a responsibility to hold and manage a large amount of historic archive data.

The development of an independent IT service ensured that the agreed solution has been designed to specifically meet the SWHT’s business priorities, and to offer an improved service for its customers and its staff.
Vysiion’s transformation programme involved a hybrid cloud solution which deployed a private cloud infrastructure within Crown Hosting, complemented by Vysiion’s managed backup service which stores data within an alternative UK datacentre.

The service desk and end-user support function is provided by the 24/7 Vysiion ITIL aligned service desk, based at Vysiion’s headquarters in Chippenham.

Caroline Andrewes, Cloud & Enterprise Sales Manager at Vysiion, said: “South West Heritage Trust needed to implement a modern and transformative IT solution that would support both customer and staff requirements over the long term. Their clear focus upon this objective allowed Vysiion to develop an approach that improved security and availability for both core infrastructure and for end users. It also meant we could design a scalable network solution that would increase productivity and the experience at all sites for both guests and staff alike.”

Alex Sherman, Head of Business Services, SWHT comments: “Throughout this process it was important to maintain a focus upon the SWHT’s future business plan and to ensure that any IT solution not only matched but enhanced the opportunities for this organisation. The approach that Vysiion has taken has focused on our objectives and needs and has delivered a secure and scalable solution that will support us in the coming years.
“The importance of managing and maintaining the archive data from the SWHT cannot be underestimated, and fortunately Vysiion understood this driver as well as our strong desire to offer more citizen-centric digital services in the future.”

Vysiion is a recognised Crown Commercial Service and G-Cloud supplier. This complements the company’s pre-existing IT, communication and infrastructure activity in the private and utility sectors.

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“The approach that Vysiion has taken has focused on our objectives and needs and has delivered a secure and scalable solution that will support us in the coming years.” Alex Sherman, Head of Business Services
Alex Sherman, Head of Business Services
South West Heritage Trust

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