Risk-free transformation Part 2 – is it possible?

Part 2:   Choosing the right IT Partner

In our first blog on this topic we discussed how to minimise risk when choosing a data centre. Of course no project of this kind is entirely risk-free, but if you want to make your digital transformation as watertight as possible, choosing the right support to make a cloud hosting model happen is the next move.

We know that the obvious first check is the G-Cloud framework, but you will still be overwhelmed by choice. Vysiion is an accredited supplier in the Digital Marketplace under the G-Cloud 9 framework in all three lots – Hosting, Software and Support. Under the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework as a specialist IT supplier, we can provide a team of experienced IT professionals, build and support a digital service, from discovery and specification, through to delivery and implementation.

Vysiion works with Crown Hosting Data Centres who provide colocation dedicated to the UK Public Sector and Ark Data Centres, one of the UK’s most efficient data centre providers. Vysiion can support Crown Hosting Data Centres customers with a cloud hosting solutions that meets the preferences and demands of many public sector organisations and ultimately helps facilitate digital transformation for them.

Vysiion can also provide smaller scale, single rack or aisle hosting services within Ark Data Centres, this provides a range of capabilities which allow commercial organisations a low-risk, low cost of entry to a high specification data centre. Vysiion also provides the round the clock Smart Hands support service for Crown Hosting Data Centres using highly trained and experienced engineers who can provide customers with remote management, installation services, and equipment troubleshooting assistance for solutions at varying security classifications.

We are finding a growing popularity of the Microsoft Azure platform, particularly among Public sector organisations, as it offers a comprehensive set of cloud services that developers and other IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage applications through Microsoft’s global network of data centres.

However, it’s also prudent to look for a partner with public sector experience. Vysiion, recently migrated the registered charity South West Heritage Trust’s large historic archive data from its existing IT service providers, Somerset and Devon County Councils, into several specialist environments. Its transformation programme included a hybrid cloud solution which deployed a private cloud infrastructure within Crown Hosting. This is complemented by our back-up service which stores data within an alternative UK data centre and round-the-clock support based at our headquarters at Chippenham. For more details and examples, take a look at our white paper; “How public sector organisations can drive true transformational business change.”

Of course a cloud hosting partnership is just the first step towards digital transformation. Not only will it help facilitate a secure way to manage data and applications, it also provides cost-effective, secure access to the corporate network for key stakeholders from multiple devices

Any project can be part of a continual improvement plan, without a clearly defined start and end date. Vysiion can support you at every stage along the journey.

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