Risk-free transformation – is it possible?

Part 1: Data Centres you can trust

In this digital era of change organisation are being encouraged to look at alternative solutions and explore new technologies that are proving to be more efficient in the 21st century.

The progress of emerging technology is allowing organisations to adopt a BYOD policy rather than employees using technology supplied by the company that maybe out of date. This allows a more flexible approach to users and they can communicate through multiple devices.

A cloud hosting model is ideal here, however many Public Sector organisations have started taking this approach whereas others are still nervous about entrusting data to the cloud. Most leading experts now agree that using a data centre to secure an organisations data is now far more secure than before.

Using data centres can still make some organisations nervous and it is important to choose the right data centre and there are ones that have designed its business model around the needs of the Public sector.

We at Vysiion work with Crown Hosting Data Centres and Ark Data Centres to deliver a cloud hosting solution that seems to really suit Public Sector organisations and has helped many of their clients reach their ultimate goal of digital transformation. Crown Hosting is a joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Ark Data Centres.

What makes Crown Hosting different is that it makes it easy to buy highly efficient, data centre colocation and data hosting on a flexible contract basis. It offers a pay for what you use model, avoiding long-term contracts.

If you would like to know more about the iron security around Crown Hosting and Ark Data Centres, take a look at the Vysiion’s brochure on “Public Sector adoption of the “Cloud” with Crown Hosting Data Centre”.

In our next blog we will be covering off more about “How to choose the right IT Partner for your business needs.”

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