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Building Blocks

Vysiion has all the building blocks to make sure you get a service that supports an efficient and effective ICT-enabled transformation.


We’re ISO27001 certified, UK-based and employ staff cleared to deliver services to the highest information security requirements.

Our relationship with Ark Data Centres provides appropriately experienced Vysiion staff with access to secure data rooms. All on-site SMART HANDS Vysiion staff have the appropriate training to support all on-boarded clients.

Business continuity

Vysiion will work with you to provide suitable mechanisms to ensure you can continue to deliver your services even if an unforeseen event occurs. This could be anything from back-up services, through to dual resilient data centres, true BC/DR trucks which become virtual offices, or the introduction of unified communications tools to allow staff to work from home.


Vysiion’s cabling connectivity expertise is unique. It has been built upon many years of providing secure and highly resilient communications infrastructure solutions for critical network applications to the power and petrochemical industries as well as onshore and offshore renewable energy platforms.

Our experience extends from a LAN installation in secondary schools, to working on the deployment of a WAN fibre infrastructure for national power companies, providing highly skilled engineers able to work on: overhead power lines, HV substations, in confined spaces and offshore.

Access to our public sector cloud platform powered by UKCloud is possible through the internet, PSN and N3 or dedicated private WAN utilising ADSL and MPLS technologies.


With our channel partners, we can offer the most secure, robust and resilient infrastructure service, endorsed to the highest levels of security on UK sovereign territory.

Our cloud solutions range from the fully NIST compliant true-cloud powered by Skyscape to the global likes of Microsoft Azure, where UK sovereignty is not a necessity.


The volume of data is multiplying every day, so fast, secure and scalable storage is vital.

Vysiion’s public sector storage platform, underpinned by UKCloud Services, can deliver a pure and secure cloud utility service. All levels provide RAID data protection, performance monitoring and alerting, and have patching and firmware management as standard.

For our private sector customers, our partnerships with Microsoft, VMWare, Dell and HP allow us to offer bespoke solutions tailored to your individual requirements whether they be on or off-premise, vendor-specific, high performance or low cost.


Vysiion can provide bespoke consultancy to develop a scalable virtual data centre (VDC) to host your virtual machines (VM) of various sizes which can be provisioned and scaled in minutes; and can provision your VDC leaving you to create VMs as required, or provide a full managed service wrap.

Transition & Transformation – Infrastructure, Data, and Disposal

When it comes to large-scale, secure migrations, Vysiion works in partnership with established server relocation and IT migration companies, in order to provide the most seamless transition of infrastructure into new premises.

Equally the importance of secure and clean data migration into a new infrastructure is equally critical. In this Vysiion will work alongside customers to define and deliver the most appropriate method; and this may include sent-to-site SANS secure transportation, via wire transmission.

A key element of any migration often includes disposal and Vysiion work with Euro-Recycling, one of the only secure disposal companies with full CESG approved services.

Euro Recycling’s Mobile Secure Computer Media Destruction Service has been certified by CESG to be compliant with CESG’s Assured Service Requirement – Destruction 1.0 which aims to provide appropriately audited secure destruction of HMG media and assets as listed in HMG IA Standard No.5.

Euro-recycling can handle the destruction of data up to the Top Secret level of classification, so you can be confident that your equipment and any data is fully destroyed and disposed. All customers receive a certificate confirming destruction and audit trails.

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