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ShoreTel is a Brilliantly Simple Fit for Public Sector 07/11/16

By Gary Gould, EMEA Marketing Director, ShoreTel

full family landscape1In a public sector environment, productivity and cost control are vital. Unified Communications can support this by providing a foundation to deliver services that both provide value and efficiency. With ShoreTel, you can also add simplicity and the industry’s lowest total cost of operations.

Why Brillantly Simple works for Public Sector?

ShoreTel’s philosophy is based on one single driving force, the desire to make our products and services Brilliantly SimpleTM. Our Unified Communications (UC) product and service portfolio already makes life easier for thousands of public sector customers around the world including the UK, US and Australia. With the recent launch of the ground-breaking ShoreTel Connect™ we know that thousands more will want to adopt, use and collaborate on a communications platform that eliminates complexity from the ground-up. Consequently, this provides immense opportunities for our partners like Vysiion to add genuine customer value that isn’t restricted by legacy or limited by trade-offs especially in severely cash constrained sectors like local government, emergency services and healthcare.

Leading Industry Transformation

The journey to transform our UC offer to a cloud ready service began 5 years ago with the acquisition of Agito Networks which extended true unified communications capabilities to mobile devices, enabling flexibility as BYOD (bring-your-own-device) was anticipated to explode. This was followed 3 years ago with the purchase of M5 Networks – one of the largest specialist VoIP providers – to enhance the ShoreTel’s ability to deliver a proven cloud solution without compromise. But this was only the beginning.

The plan was to create a revolutionary new UC offer that had the potential to be in a class-of-its-own and work seamlessly with existing customer systems. We wanted to take all of our customers with us, so the vision was to develop a single platform that would work in exactly the same way whether it was deployed on-site, in the cloud or a hybrid of both. The result of all this? ShoreTel’s brand new Connect™ solution.

ShoreTel Connect™ Has Landed

ShoreTel Connect™ is a unique, single platform and user interface that provides business communications from the cloud, onsite or a hybrid combination of both. The natural user experience is intuitive and forgiving, setting a new standard that brings enterprise communications on-par with personal communications. As you would expect ShoreTel Connect™ includes many new features and leading edge integration capabilities for both office and mobile devices.

A Unique Public Sector Proposition

ShoreTel is 100% focused on working with expert partners to provide world-class unified communications for growing businesses and complex organisations. The partnership with Vysiion is built on shared and extensive experience in the public sector. With ShoreTel’s solution now approved on the latest G-Cloud 8 framework, it means that with Vysiion it is the only unified communications solution that is on both G-Cloud and hosted in the Ark data centre; which supplies the UK government’s entire data centre estate via the Cloud Hosting contract.

ShoreTel is a Cloud First Business

ShoreTel doesn’t discriminate between deployment models – onsite, cloud or a hybrid of the two – as there are often very good reasons why one model may not fit a particular customer, environment or even industry sector. Most people, however, recognise that the IT and Communications market is shoretelBrilliantlySimplymarching rapidly towards cloud service adoption. In fact, for ShoreTel it’s accelerating with the total number of cloud customer seats increasing in our latest quarterly results by 30% compared to this time last year. In addition, a major milestone was achieved in October 2016 as ShoreTel’s cloud services revenue exceeded product revenues for the first time.

At ShoreTel. we recognise that having a vision is one thing, growing your business whilst looking to the future is a rare achievement in any industry. Over the last 3 years, we have not only invested over $30m in developing ShoreTel Connect™, we have added 280 employees (now over 1100 worldwide), paid-off all debt and nearly doubled our revenue whilst transitioning to a new cloud service model. With a solid business foundation, we are now accelerating our plan and fully focused on helping customers transform their communications. We know for any potential customer and especially in Public Sector, the credentials of innovation, financial stability and industry track-record are essential. With ShoreTel, public sector organisations large and small can be confident that we not only support customer transformation but inspire people to change to a better way of working.


Vysiion was awarded a contract award to supply services on G-Cloud 8 under all four lots – Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Specialist Cloud Services. In the recent submission Vysiion introduced ‘unified communications as a service’ into the catalogue, known as Vysiion Connect Managed Communications, which is a further example how Vysiion is looking to support Government efficiency using feature-rich ‘voice’ services in a private cloud format.

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