Vysiion Supports the launch of Crown Campus

Crown Campus


Vysiion are excited to announce, to complement the main website Vysiion have launched a micro site “Crown Campus”, this site is dedicated to Vysiion’s specialist DC services and based on our unique knowledge of the Ark Data Centres, geographical location, DC support services and our partnership with Crown Hosting.

The Campuses are secure locations with established communities of specialist public sector framework service providers, Crown Hosting and public sector organisations. It provides a space for secure knowledge sharing to deliver protected services to help meet government data objectives and reduce overall spend on digital services.

Essentially creating a geographical “hub” of expertise, it brings together the various organisations in one place to offer unrivalled knowledge, security, savings and choice to buyers who do not want to be locked in and want to take advantage of the latest services.

The Crown Campuses have been made possible by the success of Crown Hosting and the support it has attracted from the Public Sector and framework service providers. The Campus is designed to support any public sector establishment that is going through infrastructure transformation and open links between organisations where required, providing flexibility and choice for government.

Organisations involved in the Campus from launch include government networks, on campus private sector IT and telecoms firms, partners and experts, and network providers.

Steve Hall, CEO of Crown Hosting, said: “Crown Hosting has been more successful than ever expected. It’s providing a stepping stone in the transformation of the Public Sector from its legacy infrastructure, to a modern digital hybrid environment. This success has enabled the colocation of several users, suppliers and services which has become Crown Campus”.

He continued: “Crown Campus is further accelerating this transformation of the Public Sector and making the journey to Crown Hosting easier. From here, the consumption of support services and Cloud which will enable the ‘run’ capabilities will be even easier”.

Crown Hosting Data Centre’s overarching goal to achieve £1 Billion worth of savings for the UK government is underway. With Crown Campus enabling public sector partnerships that will allow savings.

Crown Hosting, a joint venture between UK government and Ark Data Centres, delivers the UK Government’s aim for the Public Sector to transition to Cloud first. It provides a framework from which it is easy to buy highly efficient, secure data centre colocation and data hosting, on a flexible contract basis to any size of organisation.

Public Sector bodies already using Crown Hosting include NHS Digital, Department for Work & Pensions, Home Office and the Ministry of Defence, along with Derby City Council, Ofsted and the Office of National Statistics.

More detail on Crown Campus can be found on its interactive pages at


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