Vysiion awarded place on Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 Framework

Vysiion, an established provider of managed technology solutions to the Public Sector, is pleased to announce its success in being awarded a place on Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 Framework.

This follows its Digital Marketplace contract award to supply services on G-Cloud 8 under all four lots – Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Specialist Cloud Services.

Digital Marketplace – Digital Outcomes and Specialists

There are estimated to be over 36,000 Public Sector organisations that can use the Digital Marketplace, and this includes agencies and parallel bodies, to buy cloud-based services, IT service and support specialists and data centre space.

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework is a unique database of suppliers that can provide teams, or experienced IT professionals, build and support a digital service, from discovery and specification, through to delivery and implementation. In a transformational environment such suppliers provide an invaluable support service to the Public Sector.

Vysiion – Exclusive Position

Vysiion is exclusive within this Framework as it not only has a breadth of delivery ability and presence on G-Cloud 8, but it also has an established Digital Outcomes and Specialistsstrategic partnership with Ark Data Centres, the home of Crown Hosting.

Supporting this relationship, Vysiion provide the 24/7/365 Smart Hands support service for Crown Hosting using our highly trained and experienced engineers who are able to provide customers with remote management, installation services, and equipment troubleshooting assistance for solutions at varying security classifications.

As Caroline Andrewes comments: “Vysiion’s experience of supporting Public Sector organisations on a range of civic, bluelight and semi-commercial entities has been developed over a number of years.

“In this age of digital transformation in the Public Sector it is now essential that experienced professionals are available to design and support appropriate and cost effective technology solutions. Good solutions need good people.”

Experienced Public Sector Provider

Vysiion staff are experienced in delivering projects and services into the Public Sector and being on this framework gives a variety of Public Sector organisations an easy way to progress with their digital roadmaps.

For more information on any of our Digital Marketplace services or if you are interested in hearing more about what we can provide with examples of who already utilises the Vysiion portfolio,contact Caroline Andrewes on 01249 446500 or send an information email to mailto:cloudsales@Vysiion.co.uk

About Vysiion:

With a history stretching back to 1971 Vysiion’s solutions have been developed from its heritage in business critical infrastructure delivery, its IT managed services expertise, and its Public Sector cloud, hosting and network capabilities. As a result the Vysiion team has the experience and capability to provide a full technology consultancy and delivery solution.

All solutions are developed by an accredited team with a thorough understanding of Cloud Computing, Colocation & Data Centre Solutions, Communication & Infrastructure Delivery and IT Managed Services.

The aim is to help organisations meet their technology requirements by gaining new efficiencies from proven technologies.

Implementation is undertaken by seasoned and knowledgeable professionals who have a keen understanding of business critical project activation and a passion for making a positive difference to your organisation.

For more information contact Vysiion:

T: +44 (0) 1249 446500

E: info@vysiion.co.uk

W: www.vysiion.co.uk

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