Vysiion expands suite of services on G-Cloud 11

Vysiion has been awarded a place on G-Cloud 11 with an expanded suite of services ranging from traditional cloud services and migrations through to innovative gateways, automation, end user and security offerings.

As a truly cloud and data centre agnostic supplier, we have relationships with all major industry recognised public and private cloud vendors including Azure, AWS, VMWare, and UKCloud.

With the launch of G Cloud 11, Vysiion has a range of new products:
Vysiion Scout carries out hours of manual research in under 60 seconds through Scout Graph Database, helping police services to increase efficiency during criminal investigations.

CloudGateway provides a fully managed security suite and secure traffic management between everything on your network estate, multiple cloud service providers, the PSN, HSCN and the internet. A hybrid cloud connectivity Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Cloud Gateway provides enhanced visibility, eliminates shadow IT and duplicate connectivity and is technology and vendor agnostic, allowing connection to any/many cloud service providers by any means.

Vysiion continues to be a trusted supplier across the public sector including Central Government, Local Government, MOD, and Blue Light organisations.

G-Cloud 11, the Government’s updated Digital Marketplace, was released on 2nd July 2019 following a stringent procurement process.

For more information on any of our G-Cloud services or if you are interested in hearing more about what offer contact our sales team on 01249 446500 or send an information email to cloudsales@vysiion.co.uk

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