Vysiion, formerly RFL communications is one of the world leading suppliers of teleprotection equipment.

Vysiion, formerly RFL communications is one of the world leading suppliers of teleprotection equipment.

The RFL 9745 and the RFL 9745GD are two of the most advanced, flexible and modular solutions available on the market. Both are compliant with the latest IEC specifications and have been deployed in numerous generation, transmission and distribution protection schemes around the World.

The design ethos is to provide a modular hardware platform that can be optimised around the scheme requirements. Both units are available in analogue/VF and Digital format. The Digital version can be equipped with a range of electrical and optical interface options.

As an innovator, RFL have already developed and deployed an IEC 61850 version of the product. This includes a LAN interface, replacing hardwired I/O and a WAN interface.

Other related products and options include a C37.94 compliant Fibre to X.21 converter, compatible with most manufacturers products, and line isolation transformers. 

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