Vysiion, is pleased to announce their success in being able to supply services on G-Cloud 10


Following our previous success on G-Cloud this is confirmation of Vysiion’s ability to provide a full range of technology solutions. This along with a number of strategic partnerships, including Ark Data Centres and UKCloud Ltd, ensures that Vysiion has the ability to deliver primary and third party support solutions to the Public Sector.

Vysiion’s service solution portfolio is also available via Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 Framework; which is a unique database of suppliers that can provide experienced IT professionals, and build and support a digital service, from discovery and specification, through to delivery and implementation.

All G-Cloud services can be delivered through a Vysiion team that has specific Cloud & Enterprise consultancy expertise and experience of working to support the Public Sector.

Vysiion is already a trusted supplier to public sector organisations including the Health Research Authority, Hospice UK and the Ministry of Defence, and operate security vetted, technical teams, on-site within the Ark data centres, the home of Crown Hosting.

“Our success with each iteration of the G-Cloud framework is built on a combination of innovation – with a range new services each time, specialization – building on our experience and expertise in meeting the real needs of the UK public sector, and value – offering ever more for ever less to enable our customers’ budgets to go further,” said Simon Hansford, CEO of UKCloud. “We are proud with G-Cloud 10 to be offering the widest range of services yet, to be working with more partners than ever, and to have been recognized as the ‘Best G-Cloud Provider’* yet again.”

G-Cloud 10, the Government’s updated Digital Marketplace, was released on 2nd July 2018 following a stringent procurement process.

For more information on any of our G-Cloud services or if you are interested in hearing more about what we can provide contact Caroline Andrewes on 01249 446506 or send an information email to cloudsales@vysiion.co.uk

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