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Reduced costs and enhanced performance

Why colocation should be
part of your Hybrid Cloud strategy

Now more than ever, organisations across the UK are challenged to do more with less, streamlining operations, reducing costs, and optimising efficiency – all without compromising the quality and availability of critical services.

UK organisations are finding that their existing on-premises systems are showing their limitations – struggling to keep up with the growing volumes of data that must be securely transferred and stored on a daily basis. This is further complicated by the drive for greener IT operations, which continues to pick up pace, and the need to store data in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

Put simply, legacy IT systems all too frequently represent an ongoing drain on an organisations’ resources – one which can potentially be remedied by an effective hybrid cloud strategy.

Let’s consider why colocation should be an integral part of your hybrid cloud strategy:

A foundation for more cost effective, more environmentally friendly IT
Colocation frees IT teams of the financial and operational burden of maintaining on-premises hosting facilities, allowing critical data to be stored in leading-edge data centres that incorporate a range of systems for minimising energy usage, allowing for more environmentally friendly operations, even with the highest volumes of data.

Optimise security and resilience
Security and resilience remain critical priorities for all sectors, especially at a time when ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure are growing in frequency and severity. Colocation not only allows organisations to host their data in facilities with the very highest standards of physical and cyber security, but also up a range of options around redundancy, hosting backups in geographically dispersed locations for an additional level of resilience, ensuring critical data can be restored and secured as quickly as possible in the event of a breach.

Develop futureproof infrastructure through Cloud adoption
The right hosting solution will also expedite the journey to the Cloud – a growing priority for numerous organisations – and all the numerous advantages this offers in terms of control, flexibility, and scalability of infrastructure. Hybrid Cloud infrastructures are growing in popularity in this regard, allowing data that must be kept on-site to be retained, while still offering the numerous benefits of Cloud transformation.


How we are supporting organisations like yours with ongoing digital transformation journey

Taking full advantage of all these potential benefits – from achieving a successful migration, to maintaining the integrity of sensitive data in an increasingly complex threat landscape will require the ongoing support of a trusted technology partner. In this capacity, Vysiion has long championed digital transformation, working closely with a range of UK organisations to reduce their IT spend, and develop more efficient, sustainable ways of operating. Our deep knowledge of the sector’s goals and challenges, combined with our presence in the world-leading Ark data centres makes us perfectly placed to help put the principles discussed in this article into practice, providing a one-stop-shop for digital transformation, Cloud adoption, and data centre migration.

Contact us to explore your hosting requirements in depth and find out more about how we can help you access the full range of new efficiencies and cost savings on offer.

Speaking the language of Defence

Speaking the language of Defence

Effective digital transformation requires strong professional relationships alongside technological innovation. Organisations must trust their technology providers fully to deliver complex projects successfully, especially in highly regulated sectors like Defence. At Vysiion, we understand this importance. At Vysiion, we understand.

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