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Vysiion Brochure10-16 Vysiion - Managed Technology Solutions Brochure

We believe that every one of our customers has unique needs. When you work with us you can expect a flexible approach to IT support tailored to deliver against your specific requirements.
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Public Sector adoption of the “Cloud” with Crown Hosting Data Centre

We are seeing organisations across blue light services, healthcare and the public sector in general increasingly keen to embrace a cloud-focused strategy to desktop management. These organisations have long been investing in enterprise, ICT and other technology services that have helped to significantly enhance the  quality and effectiveness of citizen-centric public services.

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Vysiion CI InformationVysiion - Communications & Infrastructure

Vysiion’s technology strength lies in its heritage infrastructure and communications expertise from a team able to support one-off turnkey specific infrastructure projects or as part of an Enterprise solution.
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BMC Footprints in the Cloud Footprints In The Cloud

Vysiion is also able to offer BMC’s Footprints product in a cloud environment, which will allow any organisation that wishes to retain control of their service management processes to do so.
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MimecastGood Security Starts With You - Brochure

Vysiion partner Mimecast has designed this e-book – Good Security Starts With You – to support your fight against e-mail attacks. Please download and share with your colleagues.
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