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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to operating as an ethical, socially responsible company in everything we do.

How we make an impact

Vysiion are committed to environmental and social strategies that are agile and progressive, intended to create an ethical and socially responsible environment, for staff, and wider stakeholders.

Vysiion work as a team, retain an informed and inclusive approach to ensure that they achieve the targets and ambitions set in their ESG strategy.


Vysiion are active within the renewable energy sector, have an appreciation of the local and national challenges associated with achieving carbon net-zero. Our internal “Green Team” includes representation from all levels, their focus, enthusiasm, and appetite for change, driving the Vysiion sustainability goals and tracking our progress to achieving our Net Zero by 2050 objective.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our robust recruitment process, open and transparent culture encourages diversity and inclusion across all areas of the business. We are supportive of all our people, recognising their individual talent, skills, and contribution. We are particularly proud to have such strong female representation within our leadership team.

Health & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of employees is extremely important to us. The company operates a Take5 behavioural safety programme that provides ongoing communication with staff, providing practical advice centred on staff staying safe, remaining healthy, and putting their own, and colleague’s wellbeing first.

Local Community Support

Vysiion actively supports and encourages staff to engage and become involved in their local communities. A high percentage of staff do some incredible volunteer work, frequently done without recognition and praise, but providing tangible and positive impact within the community.

Business Practices

From analysis and careful selection of our supply chain, to providing staff with informal, formal, and practical training, Vysiion, as part of the Exponential-e Group is both supportive, and progressive in how it ensures business practices remain aligned with our values.

Our Carbon Reduction Plan

Vysiion is committed to achieving Net Zero on or before 2050, in line with Government expectations. We have already implented a number of Carbon Reduction activities in order to achieve these goals.

Community Heroes

We support our staff with their voluntary work – from a hedgehog conservationist to a STEM ambassador. One of our community heroes is our Head of Sales, Michael Grimshaw, who is an on-call firefighter.

Take5 – Behavioural Safety Programme

We treat our employees’ wellbeing as of paramount importance. That’s why we implemented an internal staff initiative – Take5 – which gives employees practical health and safety tips to look after themselves, whether they are on-site, in the office or working from home.