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Colocation – Support for dedicated and Secure Data Centre Services

Colocation and the use of a dedicated and secure Data Centre is often the most critical aspect of an organisation’s data strategy, and for some it is the first step on their journey into cloud computing.

Colocation and Data Centres in the South West

With our partnership with Ark Data Centres, based in Corsham (Wiltshire) and Farnborough (Hamshire), Vysiion can provide tailored secure co-location services that are both highly secure and highly scalable.

As part of the transition Vysiion is able to provide highly secure Data Centre Migration Services and Connectivity Services.

Data Centre Security

The Data Centre services are highly resilient Tier III aligned facilities incorporating a host of layered security methodology that includes a multitude of security standards, guidance, assurances, certifications and industry best practices.

Communication links are resilient and diversely routed provided by multiple providers and N+1 power provision.

Environmental governance is paramount having the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the UK and annualised lowest power usage efficiency (PUE) ultimately driving customer costs down.

Your data can be hosted on your IT equipment within single or multiple racks or a solution can be designed for your specific requirements maximising space. Additional capacity can be added as and when you need it.


We are also Ark Data Centres partner of choice for SMART HANDs services where we can monitor your equipment and undertake maintenance, replace equipment and provide advice. This is a valuable service if you do not have local resource.

Vysiion on-premise staff have a high level of experience and the sites are protected by 24/7/365 security teams.

Public Sector Opportunities

Vysiion’s unique partnership with Ark Data Centres, the Government’s data centre of choice, enables organisations to develop propositions which utilise flexible data centre services in an environment that maximises the opportunities resulting from the G-Cloud framework and the formation of Crown Hosting Data Centres Limited.

The Ark environment presents a ready marketplace for Public Sector customers, enabling easy and transparent access to cloud technology and data centre space for legacy systems or applications that need to operate alongside public sector communities be it cloud services or traditional IT infrastructure.

Technology organisations would benefit from the competitive advantage resulting from hosting services at Ark, but the high cost and scale of wholesale hosting services in the data centre is prohibitive for many.

As Ark’s strategic partner for smaller scale, single rack or aisle hosting services Vysiion provide a range of capabilities which allow commercial organisations a low risk, low cost of entry and, with site-based support services provided by Vysiion, organisations can develop propositions which capitalise on this market shift and operate alongside Crown Hosting and the evolving consolidation of public sector IT communities.

Alongside this Vysiion is an accredited supplier in the Digital Marketplace under the G-Cloud framework in all three lots – Hosting, Software and Support; and under the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework as a specialist IT supplier that can provide a teams, or experienced IT professionals, build and support a digital service, from discovery and specification, through to delivery and implementation.

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