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Full OT Network Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Enhancing your network capabilities for smart monitoring and evaluating changes in real-time can dramatically increase your chances of a cyber-attack.

Vysiion have partnered with Radiflow to increase your cybersecurity enabling a more secure, powerful and data-driven infrastructure to provide a risk mitigation plan that reduces threats and maximises your cybersecurity strategy. 

The Vysiion x Radiflow Risk Assessment, Includes:

  • Free access to CIARA generating an OT risk assessment report
  • 3 months free ISID licence for up to 3 sites for instant alerts on potential threats

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Did you realise?

There is a cyber-attack happening every 11 seconds


of CNI organisations rely on legacy OT systems over a decade old?


of CNI organisations have been attacked in the last 12 months

It’s no longer a question of ‘if’, it’s ‘when’

Combining Information and Operational Technology networks in the CNI space brings huge opportunities and potential to enhance the productivity of businesses and accessibility to data.

Although this maximises a business’ uptime and operations ultimately leading to more revenue opportunities, it also greatly increases a business’ vulnerability to damaging cyber-attacks.

With 84% of CNI organisations having been attacked in the last 12 months and on average a cyber-attack happening at least every 11 seconds, reviewing your current capabilities and protection against a cyber-attack is essential.

Understanding Operational Technology (OT) risks is critical for devising an effective cybersecurity plan. However, the complexity and the scale of modern ICS networks mean that traditional risk assessments are effectively impossible, leaving your data and business, unprotected.

Moreover, ad-hoc and annual risk reviews are also no longer sufficient for protecting your business. Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more advanced and continuous risk monitoring is needed to ensure adequate protection against these attacks.

The risk assessment needs to instantly account for each change being made on the network throughout the OT cybersecurity lifecycle to identify any visibilities, vulnerabilities and anomalies that might indicate a compromise.

Known for exceptional cyber security expertise and reputation in the OT world, Radiflow’s CIARA is the first of its kind platform for industrial organisations. Using CIARA, we empower CISOs to make decisions and actions based off their network’s real data.

Employing a data-driven risk assessment algorithm, CIARA utilises thousands of data points to calculate the monetary impact of each risk-mitigation measure. The result of this is a comprehensive mitigation roadmap (ISA/IEC 62443-compliant) to maximise the impact of cybersecurity expenditure.

Vysiion have partnered with Radiflow to help CISOs prioritise the most serious threats through effective risk management. We are currently offering our comprehensive cyber assessment for free on a single site to create a mitigation roadmap.

The end result for your business? A comprehensive plan to reduce the cyber-attack risk threatening your business and maximise the impact of your business’s cybersecurity defences.

Increase Cyber Recovery Efficiency

CIARA simulates hundreds of commonly-used security controls against relevant known threats, factored against common OT risk scenarios, including loss of control over your sites. This is done using indicators from a variety of sources to model network vulnerabilities, defences, possible attackers and attack methods, including: 


OT Network inventory mapping


Vulnerability mapping (CVSS/CVEs)


Virtual penetration testing


User and system behavior analysis


Historical data on previous incident scoring


Adversary threat intelligence


Change management detection

Discover how vulnerable your network is now!

To help you experience the unparalleled visibility, cost control and risk mitigation CIARA can offer for yourself, Vysiion has partnered with Radiflow to offer you a complimentary assessment of your network.