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“No two projects are ever the same when it comes to the Defence. It’s essential that we, as technology providers, are always aware of that and take the time to get under the skin of each challenge, tailoring our solutions in response. This is where speaking the language and understanding the way the sector operates is key.”

Jonathan Turner, Business Development Manager, ex-Royal Signals

Effective digital transformation is just as much about cultivating strong professional relationships as it is technological innovation. In order to successfully deliver the most complex projects, across the most challenging environments, it is imperative that organisations can place the utmost trust in their technology providers and enjoy complete confidence that their requirements have been understood, communicated, and acted upon. This is especially important for the Defence sector, which is not only amongst the most highly regulated in the UK, but has very specific, refined ways of operating that must be maintained.

At Vysiion, we understand.

We have not only a well-established pedigree of successfully delivering complex digital transformation projects for Defence organisations, but are also proud to employ a number of individuals who have previously served, including in our dedicated Defence team. These technical experts work to not only deliver end-to-end solutions in response to Defence organisations’ unique requirements, but ensure the lessons learned from such projects can be applied to other areas of our business.

Our former servicepeople combine deep technical expertise and knowledge of the evolving digital landscape with their own hands-on experience serving in the Armed Forces – including both the Royal Signals and Royal Artillery – all over the world, with members of the team having undertaken tours in Germany, Cyprus, Afghanistan, Ireland, and Bosnia to name just a few.

They remain active members of the Defence community, engaging with serving professionals to stay abreast of developments in the sector’s digital journey, particularly its evolving operational and security requirements. This ability to establish effective dialogues with servicepeople, built on trust and credibility, is key to the success of our digital transformation projects across the Defence sector, driving ongoing innovation, raising standards of best practice, and fulfilling our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant.

“The standards of the British Army – courage, discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty, and selfless commitment – are universal ones. Those of us across Vysiion who’ve served carry that with us at all times, and try to inspire our colleagues to do the same in everything they do. That’s just as important a part of the services we deliver as our credentials, capabilities, and security clearances.”

Simon Carmichael, Business Development Manager, ex-Royal Artiller